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Folorade—The history here is rich, we have many secrets in this land, and wouldn't mind some more. So if you are thinking about joining, come on in. Please remember to join with First and Last name. We are an intermediate site, with a word count and lovely admins. We are best viewed in google chrome, so if it looks funny in other places it isn't our fault. Have a great stay in our fun little town.
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Tue May 13, 2014 3:47 pm by Anastasia

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Mon Apr 21, 2014 6:00 pm by Anastasia

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 001, Rules

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PostSubject: 001, Rules   Mon Apr 21, 2014 6:00 pm

General Information

I’ll try to make this as quick, but in order for us to try to run the site smoothly, we need cooperation from the members… (Which means no killing each other) Teamwork, will be big for us. No one is above or beyond these rules, Staff included, and we will do our best to hold ourselves to a standard of equality. Your first offence, unless it constitutes a ‘major’ offence (such as hacking the site, hacking other peoples accounts, ect.), constitutes a warning. Your second will be a temporary ban from the chat box; depending on what happened usually this will be a 24 hour ban; and don’t get snippy with the staff; because if you end up auguring over it; the ban may become longer (e.g. you cause a fight with a Staff member when they come to see what’s wrong, and your ban will end up being longer; unless another Staff member disagrees). Three strikes, you’re out (Oh how I love baseball terms), deary: a third repeat offence may result in your ban from the site itself. There really isn’t a reason for this. If you end up banned from the site (which no one wants to happened) it will be because you did not listen to the rules; disobeyed a Staff member; or done something just simply out of the question; we shouldn’t really have to warn you the first time.

With each account you create; it must have your characters FIRST and LAST name as the user name. We understand that not everyone will have their characters name thought up; or even if you want to change it. Just Private Message a Staff member and they will do it for you. Every character you create must exist on its own separate account. However, there is a limit to the amount of characters you can have which is currently put at 10; keep them all active, if this becomes an issue we can lower the amount you are able to have; and if it works out great; we can higher it. Before you rush off on making a second character; you must be active for at least a month. On that note, please be sure that you ask permission from an Administrator before you create the account; as Staff, we reserve the right to deny requests, but we will always provide you with a reason as to why. 


Signatures are to be no bigger than 520×400 px. Avatars are to be 100×100 px or 137 x 200; the site will automatically round the edges of the graphic for you.  If you have a face claim, please use them in your graphics and no one else; if not, stock imagery or quotes are recommended to avoid any possible confusion. We understand that sometimes you just don‘t have the skills to edit a picture properly; if you ask around the member; maybe even some staff; you might end up with someone who can do graphics.


Though not required, they  are strongly encouraged! That’s why there’s a section for it on the application. Please be aware that you must have permission to use original art if it’s not your own, or else you must give credit for it by registering the artist’s character as your face claim; we understand that it is sometimes are to find a face claim; and that is why the staff and other members who are willing to help are here. We can help you find one if you request help. There are hundreds of anime characters out there; original and not. I’m sure we could find you one. We do have a face claim list; this is where you will see if your face claim is already taken; if so we apologize; it’s a first come first served.


We all deserve respect. I do. You do. All the members do. So lets respect each other.  Do not start arguments, flame wars, send nasty private messages, etc. Cyber bullying will absolutely not be tolerated by any member or Staff for any reason. If you feel threatened, please seek out a Staff members assistance. If it evolves something serious; like being stalked; threatening messages or something along those lines; please get a hold of Anastasia IMEDENTLY; if this is actually happening to you; on this site or another; please also seek out the help of authorities if it becomes a serious issue; as in you are actually being followed in real life. Anastasia will try to help you with online issues; but real life should be solved by authorities.


I’m pretty sure we all know what gm’ing is; and there is a simple rule to it. Do it; lose your account. This is the first; and ONLY warning you’ll receive. If your going to play with others; play fairly and nicely. Otherwise; don’t play at all.


Now; we don’t exactly have a word count here; but don’t expect us to be okay with people who only post maybe one to three lines. Give the other person your’ rp’ing with the same amount; or similar amount of rp. We want everyone to have fun. We also don’t rp with the stars or anything of that sort.
Eg. *Walks into the store.* Talking. *Leaves store.* -Walks-

We don’t want any of that; please post in paragraphs.


It might look scary at first; but trust me. It really isn’t; it might have a lot of coding and look really long. But it is for you to be able to create a very well rounded character. To help us; and other members get a grasp at who your’ character is; what they are like; how they dress, talk, act, and just who they are and where they come from. Let’s not steal other peoples characters from other sites; it ain’t cool; and we’ll figure it out. Be original.


Please keep your accounts active. We understand sometimes life really sucks; and you can’t get on for a couiple days… That is totally cool; and no one will freak out on you; but if you’re going to have a long inactivity streak; please let a Staff Member know; so that way we don’t delete your character or something.


I’m sure this will become a big question onto how many you can have; and how you will gain more. It’s a simple system really. You may start out with one basic element; you may train for more elements. Of course the word count for each element(depending on the strength of the element) will be different. Your basic elements are listed in here; the more advanced elements are also listed there. If people begin to abuse this; or favor certain elements over others; bans will have to be made. Currently there are NO bans when it comes to the elements.

As for weapons; you may start off with one (this including the double same weapon, eg. Two Pistols; daggers, ect.). You are able to buy more weapons with the money you make. Mind you certain weapons like a bazooka is banned obviously. Simply to over powered. If our City Counsel believe it is op’d we will let you know to change it.

City Counsel

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001, Rules
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